Well, this is creepy.

Today we received a photo from a listener by the name of Craig. He was out with his daughter for a bike ride along Rainbow Hill Road in Flemington when they made a weird discovery.

They stumbled upon a bunch of red balloons shaped like hearts, but what's even stranger is the note that was attached. See a photo of the note below:

Russian note
Photo sent in by listener Craig Thompson

I asked two of my friends who are fluent in Russian to translate it for me, and here's what the note says: God, thank you for everything. God, save the earth and humanity.

A beautiful message, but the timing of this discovery feels very "doomy."

Soooooooo, I have a few questions.
1) Is this related to the COVID-19 pandemic or was this note written in the "old world?"
2) Who wrote the note and attached them to the balloons?
3) Did this come all the way from Russia?
4) Can balloons fly all the way from Russia? It has to be a long shot, right?
5) Does the author of the note know something we don't?

Either way, with all that is going on right now, this is very mysterious. But you can't rule out it just being a prank.

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