What started out as feeling sick with trouble breathing, ended up with Brett Breslow placed on a ventilator at Cooper Hospital, the result of COVID-19. It was at that time that his family was asking for plasma donations to help save his life.

Breslow, a Cherry Hill resident who served in the Gulf War, came out of his coma a few weeks ago and was discharged from rehab Wednesday. Tuesday. friends and family formed a surprise car parade by his house.

How's he feeling? Breslow came on my New Jersey 101.5 show Thursday night to tell me.

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"Still recovering quite a bit but this is the end of the day for me, so bear with me," he said.

How did you feel knowing you were going to be placed on a ventilator?

"I'm told the doctor called me the night that I went to the hospital and I wasn't making any sense. I ave no recollection of that conversation. I do recall walking into the emergency room and telling them that I needed a wheelchair, I could no longer stand. It felt like about five minutes to me while they were telling me that they were gonna have to intubate me. And, uhm, I woke up 19 days later."

Do you remember anything while you were unconscious?  Any out of body experiences?

"I do recall a lot of dreams, it was pre-pleasant. I don't think I really felt any pain while I was under. I was under heavy sedation so, I'm not sure how much is real or how much is not real. But I, for better or for worse, don't remember all the details."

What advice would you give people who test positive for Covid-19?

"This thing (COVID -19) is serious. When it hits you hard, it hits you hard. If you're gonna take your life into your own hands and your not gonna listen to what the CDC is saying to do, social distancing, wearing a mask, being careful in public, you're not only taking your life into your own hands right now because there is no cure. But you're potentially putting other people at risk."

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