At the same time phubbing (phone + snubbing = phubbing) is becoming a thing, now comes a unique way of demonstrating how addicted to our phones we are.

Photographer Eric Pickersgill took images of people who seem to be using their phones — but without the phones. It really shows just how much we are ignoring each other. He's calling the project "REMOVED."

Have we already lost the art of looking into someone's eyes while they're talking to us?

In the image seen above, Pickersgill's seen with his wife — and with each of their phones omitted. Pickersgill has said his inspiration came a few weeks after he got married, sitting at a coffee shop, noticing a room full of people all on their devices. He was homesick, missing his new wife.

“I just wanted to be with the people I’m closest with while these people were on their devices while with their immediate family," Tech Insider quoted him saying.

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Correction: An earlier version of this post stated the phones were digitally removed from images. The photos were shot without the phones in hand.