If you haven't heard about this, Kellyanne Conway has been getting shredded on social media over the image of her with her feet up on the couch in the Oval Office. People have ripped her apart talking about how utterly disrespectful and classless it is. If you haven't seen the images, check out the look in this story from USA Today.

The background on this for all you haters is as follows. South Jersey's own Kellyanne was asked to take a picture from a specific angle of a large group gathered with President Trump. It was a hard angle and tough task to get everyone in the pic who wanted to be in it. She either needed to push the sofa completely out of the way, or get up on the sofa in some manner in order to do what she was asked to do. So she first got up on the sofa to get the shot. Immediately after, she sat on the sofa with her feet on it (GOD FORBID!) to send out the pic on her cell phone to those she was asked to send it to. She was not texting like some valley girl. She was not playing Words With Friends. She was doing as she was asked, and simply did it from the some perch where she needed to be to take that awkwardly angled pic.

Give me a break America. I had to wonder, are these people ripping her the same people who turn into Shoe Nazis when folks visit their homes? The ones with the little shoe basket? Where all guests immediately upon entering are instructing to take their shoes off so they down traipse across the homeowners sacred carpeting wearing, gasp!, shoes? Some people really need to get over themselves.

I have never asked nor expecting a guest in my home to remove their shoes. I have never understood it. They have this thing now called 'professional carpet cleaners.' Every once in awhile you hire them to come into your home and return your precious carpet to close to new condition. The Shoe Nazis should look into it. Are they the same people who used to keep the plastic on the living room furniture? Are they germophobes in general? I know many families have the shoes off in my house rule, so I apologize if I'm offending people here. I just have never understood this petty rule.

As far as the people attacking Kellyanne Conway for the feet on the sofa thing, I get that they are trying to make a case for it being the Oval Office and that there's an expectation of higher decorum. But have they never seen the pictures of Obama with his feet up on the desk? Then there's the Clinton era. With what went on in that Oval Office I'm sure someone got more than just feet on that sofa. Relax America and mind your own business.

What about your house rules? Do they include the Shoe Nazi doctrine? Take our poll and let us know.

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