There's still no property tax relief in New Jersey. Honestly though, how can our legislature be expected to take up such trivial matters as property tax burdens when so many more pressing issues are at hand? Such as protecting your God given right to take a selfie in a voting booth. Don't worry! Assemblyman Raj Mukherji is on it! He has sponsored legislation that would change the law and allow people to take a selfie with their completed ballot from inside the voting booth then post it to social media.

You see, at present, showing people a photograph of yourself with your recorded ballot while in the booth is a crime in New Jersey. It can technically get you up to 18 months in jail and a $10,000 fine. We are not the only state. Tennessee is another. Justin Timberlake made news because he voted in Memphis and took a voting booth selfie and posted it for his millions of fans. Authorities there said they would not prosecute, leading one to wonder if these selfie voting booth laws are treated as seriously as not throwing a pickle on the streets of Trenton laws. Besides, can we really stop the inexorable march toward Idiocracy that social media facilitates?

Says Mukherji, "If someone remembers to vote because they saw one of their friends on social media posting a ballot selfie, we ought not make that a crime."

Wow. So this is what we need to remember it's election day? A selfie on Instagram? If that's what you need to remind you to vote I'm going to go out on a limb and say you are problem the kind of ill informed person who should not bother exercising your right to vote. Selfies in voting booths is so common now that we need legislation to protect it? People are doing this by the tens of thousands? If not, this is a legislative waste of time while those pesky trivial issues like high property taxes and school funding go unaddressed. If so, there is something seriously wrong with where we are headed. Does every aspect of our lives have to be documented on Facebook? If it doesn't happen on Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter, did it not really happen? That lobster you ate for dinner last night...did it not provide your body required nutrients unless you post a picture of it first? (With proper filter option, of course.)

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