The state quietly allocated another $2.1 million of your money to represent people who broke the law by being here illegally. It's another f@%# you, to hard working, law abiding, tax paying New Jerseyans. Let's be honest here. It's not about "doing the right thing" or "human dignity". It's about votes.

The legislature and the Governor's office is occupied by Democrats. These people, like most new immigrants with limited knowledge of U.S. civics, will register and vote Democrat. This Governor continues to kick dirt in our faces and spit in our eyes every chance he gets. Is he just a compassionate man with a strong yearning to help the less fortunate among us, or is he an ultra rich, ruthless, power-hungry elitist who will do anything to further his goal of being the leader of the free world?

My grandparents came here dirt poor and legally, at a time the country needed unskilled workers to man the factories here in New Jersey and the Northeast. Immigrants from all over the world have, and continue to, make this the greatest country on earth. But as long as we have people like Murphy that will fight to skirt the law to build his own power base, the conversation about immigration reform gets lost. Until "Givenor Murphy" gets lost or people come to their senses and realizes what he and his ilk are doing, we're in for a lot more spit in our eyes and a lot less $$ in our pockets.

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