The video of a 20 year old Philadelphia woman being punched in the head by a Wildwood Police Officer went viral over the Memorial Day Weekend.

I've always said it's those crazy Philly people who give Wildwood a bad name! This woman is no angel. She admits that she should have just walked away after police checked her for underage drinking, but she mouthed off. That's when things got rough. The video shows two officers wrestling with her as one throws punches to her head. According to published reports this is not her first encounter with the law. She pleaded guilty in September of 2016 for aggravated assault.

There are a couple of things at play here. Most other countries in the world don't have a problem with 20 year-olds having a drink. Most other beaches in the country and the world don't have a problem with anyone having a drink on the beach. But here in New Jersey, it's kind of a police state. You can't do that. And although this video has made its way around the world in 48 hours, I don't see any movements being started on her behalf. Unless "Skank Lives Matter" starts organizing, this episode will soon be another example of 'shit's crazy' in Wildwood's long colorful history.

She also had her 18 month old baby with her, which doesn't put her in the running for mother of the year in 2018. However this is another example of, if you mouth off to the cops, bad stuff will happen, and mouthing off shouldn't get you punched in the head or shot. I've long been saying that training needs to be looked at when subduing and arresting folks here in this country. As soon as idiots go off, it's game on baby, and you might think the police were dealing with an ISIS member. This could have been handled differently from all sides and all angles. If you're confronted by the police, rightly or wrongly, remain calm and comply. It may not always be easy or fair, but it'll keep you out of jail, or at least off of YouTube!

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