The pandemic is over. Let me say it again for those of you in the cheap seats. The pandemic is over. Yes, coronavirus is still around. Yes people will test positive as long as testing continues. Humanity has been dealing with viruses since the beginning of time. This is no different.

When the pandemic first started and we realized how fast the virus spread, it was understandable that there was a call to make sure we didn’t overwhelm our medical facilities and staff. By the middle of April, it was clear we had not. Actually there were so few patients that we packed up the empty mobile hospitals and sent the Navy ship home. The Navy hospital ship Comfort was sent to New York Harbor to handle the expected overflow of sick people. Except it never happened. Of the 1,000 beds available on the ship, only 10% were used.

The pandemic ended as fast as it started and most people recovered fully, if they ever had symptoms at all. The problem is that politicians and some talking heads benefited from your fear. Clickbait through the roof with fearful people glued to radios and TVs to learn the next scary point made by a largely ignorant establishment. Even now we have people advocating for continued lockdowns and universal masking, despite no evidence that either saved any lives.

We do know as a FACT that lockdowns have killed many thousands of people. Just look at the disaster in New Jersey nursing homes. We learned a lot over the past few months. Kids are largely unaffected by the virus, they are not "super-spreaders" and unless you are older and have a serious health condition, you’re most likely gonna be just fine. Again, facts matter. We started to slow the spread for a specific reason. We never overwhelmed our medical system nor did we run out of ventilators. All of the panic and propaganda served to shut down our vibrant economy and crush the livelihoods of millions and still we didn’t stop any spread. The virus spread like wildfire, but since it simply wasn’t as deadly as so-called "experts" wanted you to believe, it passed relatively quickly. Now we’re here to pick up the pieces of what has been wrecked by irresponsible politicians and their media shills.

Restaurants should be open. Schools should be open. No restrictions and no masks. The feel-good nonsense should have no place in a modern, educated society of mature adults. If you listen to the docs and first responders who call my show regularly, and ignore the clickbait media, you might feel a little better about the whole thing.

Take a listen to Doctor Craig Wax, who is a school doc in New Jersey He agrees 100%: Open the schools fully, in person.

And take a listen to Ryan, the firefighter/EMT from Warren who joined a chorus of first responders thanking me for staying the course and speaking the truth that most frontline workers understood from the beginning.

Reopen. No restrictions. If you’re vulnerable, protect yourself. If you’re healthy, it’s time to get out and get back to normal American life.

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