I told you last year that this demolition day was coming. Now it’s here. The Chatterbox is no more.

Demolition began on Tuesday of a Sussex County landmark. The Chatterbox in Frankford was a 1950’s themed restaurant that was one of a kind in that entire region. Vintage cars were displayed. A railroad track suspended from the ceiling dazzled the kids as did the cardboard meal boxes designed like classic hot rods. The food was phenomenal. The circular dining room was filled with throwback eye candy everywhere.

It closed down in 2018. For fifteen years it held court and attracted families and bikers alike with biker nights. The biggest crowds were probably when actor Henry Winkler made appearances. Playing the Fonz on TV’s Happy Days made him a perfect fit for an autograph signing at such a place.

NJ.com’s Rob Jennings put out this video on Twitter of part of the demolition.

To get an idea of the atmosphere here’s a video I found on YouTube of a time Henry Winkler stopped by. You can catch him at 2:10 in and again at 3:10 in.

So what’s going up in its place? A Wawa.

And that’s what I think is the saddest part of losing places like this. Rarely are they replaced with something as unique. It’s the slow homogenization of New Jersey. Another piece of our nostalgic hearts taken.

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