NEWARK — Nearly two weeks after his arrest for violating the terms of his drug rehabilitation, Artie Lange gets yet another chance to stay clean.

Katherine Carter, a spokeswoman for the Essex County Prosecutor's Office, confirmed that Lange was in Superior Court in Newark on Monday and will likely be there until the end of the week, when he will be sent to a new facility.

Carter would not say where Lange would be going or if he was staying in New Jersey. Carter also confirmed that Lange will continue on the path of his Drug Court probation.

Lange was arrested on May 21 at Freedom House, a halfway house in Clinton Township where he has been staying. Video of the former member of the Howard Stern Show was posted, showing Lange working on a garbage collection crew and pumping gas at an Exxon station in Clinton. The Livingston native had bragged he was 111 days clean.

The Essex County Prosecutor's Office said Lange's arrest was prompted by his failure to comply with the conditions imposed on him as part of Drug Court.

Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura said at the time of Lange's arrest that those who go through the drug program are given a set of instructions to follow by a judge.

"If they don't follow them the court wants to see them again," Fontoura said. "Apparently he didn't finish up what was supposed to be done."

Lange will be re-evaluated by the court's team of representing law enforcement and doctors after his first appearance in court, Fontoura said at the time.

The Hoboken comedian was sent to the Essex County jail in January after he tested positive for cocaine and morphine.

Dr. Paul Nassif of the reality show "Botched" says he'll fix Lange's nose — deformed after years of drug abuse — if he can get and stay clean.

Nassif told TMZ Lange has a "saddle nose," caused by trauma to the septum, which divides the left and right nasal cavities. He said that can be caused by an injury, as might happen to a boxer, but said among drug users, cocaine use is most often the cause.

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