This week the Governor of Texas, sent an invitation to residents and businesses of New Jersey to consider moving to the Lone Star State. Governor Murphy responded with the usual bull**** stats on why life here is better. I love this state as many of us do, but we find ourselves fighting a losing battling with ever more expensive and bloated state government that we can no longer afford. Texas sees a thousand people a DAY moving into their state.

Two years ago my daughter was one of them. I've seen what's going on in that state and the differences are striking. About five blocks from her apartment near downtown Ft. Worth you will find corporate headquarters after corporate headquarters of big name American companies. Big names with real job opportunities for young people looking to build a career and a life. I see a building boom the likes of which we will never see here in New Jersey. Property taxes are reasonable and very affordable and there is no state income tax. I have a son in Charlotte, NC. The same can be seen there.

Tons of people, young and old, moving to where there is opportunity and affordability. Governor Murphy, you can surround yourself with people who think like you do and feed you statistics on how great things are here, but the truth is: real hard working middle class people can't afford to stay here anymore. You are an outsider. A carpetbagger with tons of money to buy an election and live in a corner of the state that very, very few of us would even know anyone that lives near you. For your success, congratulations. But don't call NJ your "home state".

You're from Massachusetts and you lived in Europe as an ambassador. Don't call this your home state like you can relate to what we've been going through. You say the middle class has been "hollowed out". Yes it has. Not by some unknown evil force, but by government! A government you wish to grow with more of OUR hard earned money, with higher taxes.

Since you insulate yourself from the people that have made this state great and pay all of the taxes you wish to grow government with by your "compassionate" state programs and schemes, we thought you should hear what some of them have to say. Here's why they're leaving in droves and going to states like Texas, you out of touch, pandering fool!

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