There is no church, no preacher, who could come as close to making me see God as much as this little girl in Northern Ireland. Her name is Kaylee Rodgers and she suffers from autism and ADHD. She communicates very little, is extremely shy, but when she gets on stage she opens up. At her Christmas show at Killard House School she sang the recently deceased Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah.'

This is one of the most amazing renditions I've heard. This isn't great just because she's ten. This isn't great just because she struggles with autism. Those things only make it even more breathtaking. This is great because it's great.

Her music teacher saw an ability in her that no one else could see. He worked with her patiently. He helped her bring out what was inside her, and honestly it's one of the most beautiful things ever. I know there are so many parents here in New Jersey of children with autism. I hope this video helps remind you what you already know. That no matter your child's situation there is a unique inner beauty to your child to be loved and fostered.

I cannot think of a better post with which to end the year. Merry Christmas.

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