🎉 Airbnb won't tolerate unauthorized parties in New Jersey over July 4 weekend

🎉 The online home rental place has measures in place to reduce this risk

🎉 Certain reservations will be blocked

With the July Fourth holiday weekend fast approaching, Airbnb is cracking down at reducing the risk of disruptive and unauthorized parties in New Jersey.

About 300 million guest arrivals are expected on Airbnb this year in New Jersey and across the U.S. so the online marketplace for short and long-term home rentals plans to bring in measures to help reduce the risk of these disruptive parties.

What will the crackdown entail?

The crackdown will mean a block on certain one-night and two-night reservations over the holiday weekend for entire home listings in New Jersey, and throughout the U.S., according to Airbnb. These blocks impact bookings they identify to be as potentially higher risk.

“We are deploying heightened restrictions on reservation attempts, leveraging our anti-party system to block certain entire home bookings that are identified as potentially higher-risk,” according to a statement.

Jersey City July 4th fireworks by Grucci (Jersey City)
Jersey City July 4th fireworks by Grucci (Jersey City)

What is Airbnb’s anti-party system?

The anti-party system looks at factors relating to the guest’s account and their booking attempt that may indicate a higher risk of an unauthorized party incident, like whether the guest has a history of positive reviews or negative ones, the distance to the listing, and whether the booking is last-minute.

Guests who are able to make local reservations are required to attest that they understand Airbnb bans parties, and if they break this rule, they may be subjected to either a suspension or even removal from their platform.


Does the anti-party system work?

Airbnb’s anti-party system was launched over Memorial Day weekend last year and was in effect for the 2022 July 4th weekend. With this implementation, Airbnb saw a decrease in reports of disruptive and unauthorized parties over both holiday weekends.

Since introducing the global party ban in August 2020, Airbnb has seen a global 55% year-over-two-year decrease in the rate of party reports, while globally in 2022, just .039% of reservations resulted in an allegation of a party.

Similar measures were previously in effect for Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

Last year, Airbnb implemented a similar initiative over the July 4th weekend and saw a decrease in reports of disruptive and unauthorized parties.

“Specifically in New Jersey, over 100 people were deterred from booking entire home listings over the Fourth of July weekend due to these defenses,” the statement read.

What if you suspect an unauthorized party at an Airbnb?

Neighbors in New Jersey can get in touch with Airbnb in real-time via their Neighborhood Support Line if they spot a party in progress at a home they believe is listed on Airbnb.

Reports of parties are handled by Airbnb’s specialized safety team who can take swift action, if necessary.

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