A Hopewell (Mercer County) neighborhood is asking you, politely, to slow down...to give them a "brake."

Slow down...from 45 to 25 mph! (Craig Allen photo)

The neighborhood in question is along a heavily-travelled road just beyond (or before, depending on your direction) the "Main Street" section of town (W. Broad St, Rt 654).

The legal speed limit. (Craig Allen photo)

The stretch is legally marked at 30 miles per hour.  Depending on your direction, you are either already travelling at the posted 30 mph limit, or slowing down from 45 miles per hour.


The higher speed limit, just beyond the neighborhood. (Craig Allen photo).

Either way, the neighborhood residents are now not only reminding you to slow down...they would like you to slow down...more!

I have passed through this residential area for years, as it is one of several back road routes I can take to get to New Jersey 101.5.  And, trust me, people disregard the official posted 30 mph speed signs!

Unofficial Speed Limit sign. (Craig Allen photo)

Over the past few weeks, the residents have taken the matter of your "speed" into their own hands, as homemade signs have sprouted up in front yards...

Slow down...Children At Play! (Craig Allen photo)

These are just a few of the homemade signs that dot the landscape!

(Craig Allen photo)

Are you paying attention? SLOW DOWN!


A 2 in 1 snapshot! (Craig Allen photo)

And, if all else fails...

PLEASE!! (Craig Allen photo)

...never underestimate the power of the word "please."