When New Jerseyans say where they are from, it usually doesn't get the nicest of responses. We have the weirdest, most uncanny stereotypes that are quite amusing. We've compiled a bunch of different responses that New Jerseyans generally hear when they say that they are from New Jersey. It's quite hilarious, let us know if you've had other crazy responses in the comment section below!

"Do you know how to fist pump?"

"Are you loud and obnoxious like everyone else?"

"Does everyone really find love at the Jersey Shore?"

"Did you ever see the Jersey Shore cast?"

"The Devils aren't even good."

"You guys are the worst drivers ever."

"Is the Jersey Devil real?"

"What's the difference between a sub and a hoagie?"

"You're the arm pit of the country."

"Are you a guido?"

"Do you gym, tan, and laundry?"

"Are there even waves in New Jersey?"

"So you're Italian?"

"Wow, you don’t sound like you’re from New Jersey."

"What exit do you live at?"

"Are there really mobsters in New Jersey?"

"Are you related to anyone in the mob?"

"What is pork roll?"

"Did they really bury Al Capone in the end zone of Giants Stadium?"

"I take it you like Springsteen and Bon Jovi?"

"Is it true that Bruce just shows up at random bars and plays?"

"Do you wear cutoff shirts in the winter?"

"Do you even know how to pump gas?"

"Your bagels aren’t that good."

"Does it really smell?"

"How much do you tan?"

"Do Jersey girls get in more fights than guys?"

"Oh!!!!! You're from Noo Joisey?!"

"I'm sorry to hear that."



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