Note: The podcast recording and Facebook Live event seen here took place on Thursday, Nov. 5 — before major media called a winner in the presidential election.

The close Nov. 3 presidential election may have energized the right and helped stop Democrats and liberals from completely changing the landscape, Jim Gearhart says in his latest weekly Jim Gearhart podcast and Facebook Live show, presented every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at

Jim doesn’t think that Democrats ever thought the presidential election would be as close as was, and expected a “blue wave” would wash over the country. Now, Jim saiys, even a win for Joe Biden doesn't mean a mandate

“Half the people or possibly more oppose Biden. He’s got a millstone around his neck right off the bat. Will the conservatives dog his heels for the next for years like the Democrats have Trump?” Jim asks.

Jim says all the powers in American society, from social media platforms to Wall Street bankers, are doubling down on getting the Democratic message out yet they can’t convincingly win an election.

“The only thing the other side had going for them was people. Amazing thing that this election would even be this close when you consider the odds,” Jim said.

So what happens next?

“Certainly the political correctness on steroids is what’s happening to us. It’s possible that this is a sign very unexpected to everybody that the sheep are starting to bare their teeth and snarl back at the wolves," he says.

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