BUTLER — The day police shot a 23-year-old Morris County man, callers to 911 told police they'd seen a man dressed like an old lady on his street.

The calls are heard in recordings obtained by New Jersey 101.5 through a public records request. Authorities have declined to provide other records sought by the station — including any dashboard or other camera recordings that may have been made — saying they could taint witness testimony in the ongoing case.

Dylan Hannah was shot March 31 by a Butler police officer on Belleview Avenue around 7:30 p.m. Family members were quoted in news reports saying in the days after he was in critical condition. It's not immediately clear what his current status is.

He has a history of run-ins with the police, including a burglary conviction.

In the 911 recordings, a woman is heard telling a police dispatcher she wanted to report "something suspicious."

I was just on West Bellview (Avenue) and there was someone walking dressed like an old lady with a cane, but it was a guy," the caller says.

When a dispatcher asks the caller if she's sure the person she saw was male, the caller answers, "I mean, I'm almost positive. I saw him like walking funny, not like an old person."

A second caller, a man, describes the person as "was walking with a cane, a purse and a scarf covering his head completely." He says the person entered the "house that they're looking for the kid from."

The male caller says the man he saw was walking with a limp.

"Now I've never seen that individual on my street before and (he) walked directly in that driveway," the male caller says. "That's the best I can tell you. I know you're looking for him."

So far, authorities have released little information about the shooting. A statement from the Morris County Prosecutor's Office acknowledged the shooting happened and involved a police officer discharging his weapon, striking a 23-year-old multiple times within 3 Belleview Terrace.

No charges have been filed so far.

"In order to ensure the integrity of the investigation and to protect the rights of all persons involved, the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office cannot at this time provide any additional details of the incident," the prosecutor's office said. "To do so would jeopardize the investigation in progress. ... There is no danger to the community."

CBS New York reported late last month that police said the man who was shot pointed a gun at officers, but the Morris County Prosecutor's Office has not confirmed those details publicly.

In an interview with News 12, Hannah's mother said he was at his grandparents’ house and was trying to climb out of a window when he was shot at least four times.

Last year Hannah was sentenced to two years and six months of probation on a third-degree burglary charge and spent 137 days in jail, court records show.

In that incident, he allegedly terrified two teen girls after trying to break into their family’s home in Butler. Days later, police said, they went to arrest him and found him barricaded in the bathroom of his home. Police said he went out the window. A neighbor helped police track down Hannah, who was found hiding in the snow of a neighbor’s yard, police said at the time.

In 2012 he pleaded guilty to possession a a firearm for an unlawful purpose and was sentenced to three years in prison in a plea deal that dismissed charges of aggravated assault on an officer, resisting arrest, hindering apprehension, aggravated assault by pointing a firearm at someone, burglary and theft.

Those charges stemmed from an incident in 2011, when he was 18, in which he allegedly shot a neighbor’s window with a pellet gun. Police said they found Hannah hiding under a pile of clothes in his basement after his cell phone went off, according to published reports at the time.

Reporting by Sergio Bichao was used in this report.

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