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Especially, the music...on an "AWESOME '80s LABOR DAY WEEKEND!"

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There was a LOT of great (read: FUN) music in the "Big Decade."

Inevitably, with that much hit music, some of it gets "lost" over time. And, its not just the "one hit wonders" that don't get radio airplay anymore ... there are "Big '80s" hits by some of your favorite bands that you've also ... forgotten.

Here are just a few songs that I can think of, off the top of my head ... Casey Kasem counted them down, and they played endlessly on the radio, as they were all Top-10 chart hits!

Journey "Only The Young" #9/1985

One of Jersey's Favorite Bands, Journey formed in San Francisco in 1973. Over the years, there were many lineup changes, and by the time "Only The Young" was climbing up the charts, the band was paring down to a 3-man core of Steve Perry, Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain.

"Only The Young" has an interesting timeline. It was recorded in 1983, with the idea that it would be included on the "Frontiers" album. At the last minute, it was held back...and was (finally) released as a single in 1985, when it was featured in the movie "Vision Quest," starring Matthew Modine. Pop some popcorn, and check it out sometime!

"Vision Quest" soundtrack, 1985. (Craig Allen photo).

The other hit song to come from the "Vision Quest" soundtrack? "Crazy For You" by Madonna.

Lindsey Buckingham "Trouble"  (#9/1982)

1981 vintage vinyl from my collection! (Craig Allen photo)

Buckingham started his musical journey in the California band "Fritz." There, he met Stevie Nicks, who was the lead singer.

This album was in the record store in 1973! (Craig Allen photo).

They formed the duo "Buckingham Nicks" in the early 1970s. Both joined "Fleetwood Mac" in 1975.

"Trouble" was Lindsey Buckingham's first solo hit, debuting on the Hot Hits charts in November 1981. It is also the only song on the "Law And Order" album where he doesn't play drums! That honor goes to Mick Fleetwood.

In an interesting twist, Buckingham felt that there weren't any drum sessions that were "solid" from start to he isolated about 4 seconds of drums, and used this tape loop throughout the song!

As you enjoy the video, there are a few faces you might recognize, including: Mick Fleetwood, Bob Welch (former Fleetwood Mac guitarist) and Tom Petty!

Enjoy the psychedelic back cover of the 1973 Buckingham Nicks album. (Craig Allen photo).

Fleetwood Mac "Big Love" (#5/1987)

As long as we are on the subject of Fleetwood Mac, their musical catalog is full of huge hits that go largely unnoticed today.  The fact that they are touring as you read this, may help to jog the casual fans' memory ...

What can be said about the band's exploits (drug problems and in-band hookups) that isn't widely known? So, I'll move on to a fun fact that I learned of recently, and have shared with you on-air.

In a January magazine interview, Christine McVie describes the band's rather unique pre-show ritual: "Before shows, we rub elbows and growl." McVie says it all started when someone had a cold. "We didn't want to hug each other. So, we started rubbing elbows. And we don't kiss. We just go, Grrrr!"

"Tango In The Night," 1987. (Craig Allen photo).

"Big Love" can be found on the "Tango In The Night" album. Originally, Lindsey Buckingham wrote the song with the idea that it would be a part of one of his solo albums.

He describes the song as a "Lustful mid-to-up tempo number featuring love grunts." While many fans (including me) assumed they were voiced by Stevie Nicks...its Lindsey's voice processed through an oscillator!

Grrrr, indeed!

Fleetwood Mac "Grrr'ed" in Atlantic City earlier this year, and has been touring Europe this summer.

Cliff Richard "Dreamin'" (#10/1980)

He was born Harry Roger Webb, in India, of British parentage.

Cliff Richard "Best Of," 1994. (Craig Allen photo).

Cliff Richard is best known in New Jersey for his 1976 hit "Devil Woman," and 1979's "We Don't Talk Anymore."

In his native England, Richard is a superstar, with over 80 British chart hits, including 10 #1 singles!

"Dreamin'" was co-written by Leo Sayer.

Cliff Richard said in a 2008 interview that the song was hard for him to sing, as it was written in a key "too high for me."  He says he recorded "Dreamin'" one verse at a time..."which I've never done before or since."

Tracey Ullman "They Don't Know" (#8/1984)

This is one of those "one hit wonder songs."

Ullman is a multi-platform performer...actress, singer and comedienne.

From England, she had her own "variety show" on FOX from 1987-1990...and that was the first place that we saw a dysfunctional cartoon family named ... "The Simpsons."


In the video, Ullman is seen in her fantasy life...and in her "real" life. She lets us in on the secret...that no one understands.

The cameo at the end ... real star power ... I'll give you a hint ...

Fab! (Craig Allen photo).

How did it happen? At the time, Ullman was filming a role in "Paul's" movie:

Vintage 1984 radio station vinyl, now in my library. (Craig Allen photo).

"Give My Regards To Broadstreet."

My original 45 rpm single of "They Don't Know" is not pictured here...its in a box somewhere...and I'll find it when I'm not LOOKING for it! Oh well...


I hope that you've enjoyed this quick look at 5 (random) BIG HITS from the "Big Decade!"

Is there a "forgotten" '80' hit that you'd like to see profiled? I'm open to your suggestions!

While you're thinking ... watch (an early) Bart and Lisa get their "burp" on!