Without traffic updates, commuting in Northern New Jersey to and from New York City – especially near the Lincoln Tunnel – would be a nightmare. But that's what could happen: A station applying to block out NJ 101.5 in North Jersey could take away your only Jersey-centric source for traffic updates on the radio.

You can help us out by telling the FCC that you listen to NJ 101.5 in North Jersey. But just to help you imagine a world without NJ 101.5, we recalled the most dramatic North Jersey traffic stories in recent days – all of them centered around the Lincoln Tunnel, and all of which you would have missed if you couldn't hear us up in North Jersey.

1. On September 9, we alerted you to an afternoon accident on Highway 1/9 that closed the northbound right lane between the Lincoln and Holland tunnels. Sitting in traffic – not the best way to cool down after a long day at work.

2. A week later, on the evening September 18, a vehicle stalled on 495 coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel. If you missed that NJ 101.5 traffic update, you missed dinner.

3. Without NJ 101.5's traffic updates, September 19th would have been quite hellish for commuters going in and out of New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel. It started in the morning, when a car stalled at 5 AM and backed up Highway 1/9 between the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels. Not a pleasant way to start the day. But if you heard about it from us first, you could have skipped right around it.

4. Heading in and out of New York City was a hassle throughout the day after water main repairs caused delays on westbound 3 off of 495 near the Meadowlands. Pretty cool for the people who like sitting in their cars on the highway in Secaucus. Not cool for you.

5. And that mess wasn't made any easier when a car stalled around 7 PM in the right lane on westbound Pleasant Avenue – making traffic out of the Lincoln Tunnel into Jersey even more of a nightmare.

To help keep New Jersey 101.5 on the air in North Jersey – specifically in Edgewater, Fairview, West New York, Union City, Hoboken, Secaucus, Ridgefield, Ft. Lee, Cliffside Park and North Bergen – please take action below.