Although technology has advanced tremendously over the last thirty years, the 1980s decade was an exceptional era for fun items and outrageous style. Back then, it was hard to imagine that one of our current most beloved objects, the Apple iPhone, would ever exist today. Now, many of us could never leave home without it. In celebration of one of our favorite decades, we found 5 awesome iPhone cases that resemble items straight from the 1980s!

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    Vintage Camera iPhone Case

    This creative iPhone 4 "Camera" Case brings you back to the days before the point-and-shoots and LCD displays.
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    LEGO iPhone Case

    LEGOs have come a long way from the primary colored, plain large building blocks that they once were. Check out this 80s iPhone case that perfectly represents the beginning years of LEGOs!
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    80s Cordless/ Cell Phone iPhone Case

    We have two words for you about this fun 80s iPhone Case: Zack Morris! Get this large cell phone iPhone case and bring everyone back to the wonderful Saved By the Bell years!
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    Cassette Tape iPhone Case

    Before there were CDs and MP3s, music lovers owned their favorite artists' songs through cassette "tapes". Missed a line in the song? Rewind! This Cassette iPhone Case takes you back to those days of manual music!
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    Nintendo Game Boy iPhone Case

    Your iPhone will definitely stand out with this realistic looking Game Boy case! You'll go back in time to the era of the original Tetris and Super Mario Brothers games!

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