On today's show we delved into some deep topics and we wrapped up the show with some fun as well. We discussed the drug Narcan and how it may be helpful, but it is only part of the process of healing. We also talked about corrections officers and how a convicted cop killer needs to stay behind bars.

Margaret Simmons is the widow of a corrections officer, Robert Glenn Simmons, who passed away a few years ago, after possible complications from being shot during an attempted escape by Clark Edward Squire, a known cop killer.

I think that its outrageous that Squire is up for parole and that he was never tried for the shooting during the prison break. I think it is time for the state to bring back the death penalty. Listen to my opening rant below.


Margaret Simmons called in to the show later on and expressed her feelings on corrections officers like her husband and how that her hope is convicted cop killer Clark Edward Squire stays behind bars for life. Listen to Simmons tell the story of Squire's jailbreak that he wasn't even prosecuted for shooting her husband and other guard because he was already serving a life sentence.

We also discussed Narcan and how 30 states are administering the drug now. But are we enabling the drug users since there are no consequences under the Good Samaritan law? Listen to my on air thoughts on it below.


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