All the forces in New Jersey are making the #DigginIn prospect much harder. The start of the week was fueled with discussions surrounding the gas prices, political connections in Jersey, and whether or not your children playing video games could really be classified as an addiction.

Think gas prices are high, just wait!

What concerns me is while I’m sitting in traffic, gas prices are slowly increasing. The politicians will always find a way to sneak in a gas tax. The analysts will line up statistics that state everything is alright. We have historically had lower gas tax then our neighbors. For a politician to turn around like you ought to count yourself as lucky. Now that the gas prices are going up, do you expect NJ will still raise the gas tax? Cast your vote on the poll below.


Political Connection in Jersey #FollowTheMoney

Governor Christie recently appointed candidate, Walter Timpone, of the State Supreme Court will potentially be securing his seat. I will vote "No!" on Walter ‘Wally’ Timpone just to prove a point. The issue here is the deal not the nominee. There’s this overriding theory that this was part of a greater deal brokered between both parties. Politicians in Trenton are only going to make it worse. Listen to my full rant below.

Whose fault is it? You're not going to like to hear this NJ but we have no one to blame but ourselves.

 Are you sure you are playing enough video games?

An article recently posted on called “Is your child addicted to videogames?” captured my attention this morning. Here’s the issue there is always a problem that a therapist is trying to diagnose as an addiction. Why does everything have to be labeled as an addiction? I’m sick of the word addiction being applied to everything; we are applying a broad brush to video games. We really need to dial it down. Every generation finds something to pick on the earlier generation for. I think it is helping kids learn responsibility of the social world.

New age technology will only make people more effective multitaskers. I give a lot of credit to my son who can watch TV, hold a conversation with me, and talk to his mother in another room. He is a better multitasker than me. Do you think children playing video games should be labeled as addiction?

Parents, you need to adapt to the changing technology. Listen to what I had to say about a possible gaming addiction below.