🌊 A five-foot wall of water washed over a Bucks County road Saturday

🌊 The flash flood hit 11 vehicles and swept away several people

🌊 Two children remain missing and a search effort is ongoing

UPPER MAKEFIELD, Pa. — At least five people are dead and a young brother and sister are missing after surging floods hit a Bucks County road Saturday evening.

Upper Makefield Township experienced seven inches of rain in under 45 minutes, Volunteer Fire Company Chief Tim Brewer said at a press conference Sunday.

A flash flood hit a section of Washington Crossing Road/Route 532 around 6 p.m. amid heavy rains. A wall of water around four to five feet then hit the roadway between Stonebridge Crossing Road and Wrightstown Road, Brewer said.

"It was violent and fast-moving," Brewer said.

Pa. flash floods 7/15/23 (Nick Promola via 6abc)
Pa. flash floods 7/15/23 (Nick Promola via 6abc)

At the time, there were eleven vehicles on the road. Officials do not believe any of the vehicles drove into the water. Three of the cars were swept away. Those vehicles have since been found.

Two people in a nearby creek and eight people in cars were saved by rescue teams, Brewer said.

Three people were initially found dead Saturday evening. Officials would not reveal their identities.

A fourth person, a mother visiting with her family from South Carolina, was confirmed dead Sunday, officials said in an update. The family's grandmother was also swept away but survived and was treated at a local hospital, the Upper Makefield police said on Facebook.

Pa. flash floods 7/15/23 (6abc)
Pa. flash floods 7/15/23 (6abc)

Two children from the same family remain missing. They are a nine-month-old baby boy and his two-year-old sister.

The family's father was able to get to safety. He managed to rescue his four-year-old son but could not reach his wife, her mother, or the two other children, Brewer said.

The search began immediately last night and continued until it was too dark. Rescue teams were back out again at first light Sunday.

"Search and rescue are physically walking the creek banks and in the creek where accessible. This is a very inaccessible area of the township. There's steep cliffs on both sides in some areas," Brewer said. About 75 people were involved in the search effort Sunday.

People who need help can go to the Yardley-Makefield Fire Company at 105 South Main Street in Yardley Borough. The American Red Cross is there providing aid Sunday.

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