Gov. Chris Christie took a cautiously optimistic, but serious tone Thursday when he addressed the state about Hurricane Joaquin — which at the time still seemed very likely to directly hit New Jersey.

When he consolidated that message into the Tweet "We are prepared. I need everyone to not panic" the same day, the online response was ... less serious.

Here's some of the snarkiest, most sarcastic and downright goofy responses we saw:

From this guy whose mind is on something else:


... from this woman who has bigger things about which to worry than the storm:


... from this guy, who's looking a bit further ahead:


... from these folks who just didn't listen:


... from this guy who does, in fact, seem fairly calm about this question:


... from this guy, who doesn't trust politicians:


... from this guy, who's not letting Bridgegate go:

... and wasn't too fond of those tourism ads back in 2013:


... from this guy who's either read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Google it) or is worried about the rain:


... and from this person who, thinking back to Sandy, has a bipartisan solution:


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