Recently our producer Joe V decided on a whim to take a ride to Fortescue, NJ. He has heard me and Judi mention the small, Cumberland County fishing town on the air so many times in jest.

I used to go fishing there with my dad and uncles years ago when it was known as the "Weakfish Capital" of New Jersey.

For a number of reasons, the weakfish aren't as plentiful, and the town is less busy than it once was. It's so out of the way because it's up against the shoreline of the Delaware Bay, far from the busy beaches of Jersey's Atlantic coastline and way off the beaten path of any major highways.

Joe Votruba photo
Joe Votruba photo

Fortescue is a charming albeit sleepy little town tucked in the salt marshes and creeks leading to the Delaware Bay.

There are so many sleepy out of the way little towns in New Jersey that would surprise you that they are in our busy, densely populated state. We asked our listeners what out-of-the-way towns in our state are worth a day trip. Here's what they had to say.

  • 1

    Kinnelon, Morris County

  • 2

    Pitman, Gloucester County

  • 3

    Money Island, Cumberland County

  • 4

    Walpack, Sussex County

    Allegedly a favorite vacation spot of Willie Nelson
  • 5

    Long Valley, Morris County

  • 6

    Roebling, Burlington County

  • 7

    Barnegat Inlet, on the water in Ocean County

  • 8

    Fortescue, Cumberland County

  • 9

    Helmetta, Middlesex County

  • 10

    Swartswood, Sussex County

  • 11

    Gandys Beach and Sea Breeze, Cumberland County

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