2-time Super Bowl Champion and former NY Giants player Jim Burt was at Super Bowl Boulevard as a representative of the NFL's Alumni Optimal Bowl and Wellness Challenge.

George Rose/Getty Images

Six competitors, including 1 military member, 1 Navy Seal and 4 former NFL players take a comprehensive health test with 7 different doctors that evaluates brain trauma test, heart check and other wellness checks and then are given an evaluation at the end. Over 3 months, the doctors show the participants what their weaknesses are and the person who makes the most improvement over that period of time wins the challenge.

When discussing Burt's fellow participant and former teammate Ottis Anderson, Burt joked "Ottis Anderson gained 80 pounds so he can try to win this thing." Burt went on to talk about the real reason behind this. "Everyone is going to win at this thing because we're going to get knowledge on our own bodies and other guy's bodies. We're going to spread the news to our peers and tell them what they can do to improve their health."

Burt, who is a native of Buffalo but since his playing days has resided in NJ was discussing NJ's first Super Bowl and says he's happy the weather will not be a factor. "I wanted the 2 best teams to be in the Super Bowl and I did not want the weather to affect who won the game. It seems like we're gonna get lucky and we're going to have 40 degree weather. Not a lot of wind and no precipitation. So we're going to have both those things and it's a win-win for everybody." When asked if he thinks if it will work out to the point where NJ could see another Super Bowl in the future, Burt replied "Yes, I think so."

When discussing what the feeling was like to win a Super Bowl with the Giants and how special that moment was, Burt says it's not just about you the player. "It was more of a family victory to win the Super Bowl. You're kind of winning the Super Bowl, but not just for yourself but for your family and the fans."

On a lighter note, one of the most debated topics in New Jersey is who has the best pizza. Burt didn't hesitate when giving his answer "Esposito's is the best pizza place in New Jersey."

You can listen to the entire interview with Jim Burt in the audio player below.