Our show wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for our callers. This week had some great ones, including a call about hilariously mispronounced words and one about a woman who's obsessed with online shopping.

Rich from Jackson and Angela from Perth Amboy are this week's nominees for Dennis & Judi's "LMAO Call of the Week".

Rich from Jackson called in when we were discussing words that are mispronunced and gave examples that one of his co-workers commonly uses. We lost it when he said he had an "alteration with a co-worker".

Angela from Perth Amboy called in when we were talking about getting things delivered to your home. Angela opened the phone call with an enthusiastic "Hey DJ's!", to which Dennis replied "We're good how bout chu girl".

Which call is this week's Dennis & Judi "LMAO Call of the Week"?

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