One of the big stories in New Jersey today was about an Easter bunny in Jersey City getting into a fight with a customer. Is this a sign that the end of the world is near?

With all that is going on in today's society, we compiled a top ten list of signs that prove the end of the world is near. With the Easter bunny beating up customers in New Jersey, who can be sure that the world isn't ending.

Take a look at Dennis' reaction to the Jersey City Easter bunny story in the clip above, as well as our top ten list below:

  1. Donald Trump for President
  2. Bernie Sanders for President
  3. Easter Bunny beating up customers in the mall
  4. You can't put your hand in the shape of a gun without getting in trouble
  5. If you believe you're a girl, then you're a girl
  6. Israel is the bad guy
  7. Our sitting U.S. President is vacationing in Cuba
  8. Everyone gets a trophy, winner or loser
  9. Steven Tyler's Skittles commercial
  10. White men can lead the NFL in receiving yards

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