On this 10th anniversary of Cyber Monday, online holiday bargain-hunting at work has grown by leaps and bounds, according to a new Robert Half survey.

In fact, Robert Half Woodbridge and Princeton Metro Market Manager Christina Giglio said the survey indicates "you are going to see half of the workforce partaking in online shopping."

Some other facts from the Robert Half survey about Cyber Monday:

• 33 percent of CIOs block online shopping sites. Nevertheless, 17 percent of professionals in the survey say they shop on their phones.

• 64 percent of workers taking part in Cyber Monday say they use their lunch breaks to seek out the deals.

• 43 percent cite boredom as the reason why they shop while they work.

• 35 percent say they were "lured" to shop while searching online for something else by a banner or popup.

Giglio said employer should to lay down ground rules for Cyber Monday in the workplace. She said the survey also indicates "65 percent allow unrestricted access, or allow access, but monitor for excessive usage."

Giglio said it's nice to see that employers are keeping up with the times and understanding, "with trying to balance a full workload and a family and your personal life, that a vast majority of them are allowing you to have some unrestricted access to get some of the holiday shopping done."

Giglio advises everyone, employees and employers alike, the be aware of online threats from hackers and identity thieves and scammers.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor at New Jersey 101.5.


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