Whoever came up with the idea of Cyber Monday should be fired for placement. Why would you stage your major sales 3 days after your competition staged theirs? That’s like breaking news 3 days after the fact.

I think that if companies wanted to really be successful, they should've changed it to  Cyber Thursday, or even “Cyber-Thanksgiving.” Families would not only get to stay together to celebrate the holiday but would also have better conversation than lying about how well they’re doing. (This is where they get to practice for the “Christmas Letter” they will soon send out)

If it was "Cyber Thursday," the conversation would center around who’s selling what and when can you go online and buy it. Cousins can gather round the tablet and check out the sales. The sales can actually be centered around the quarters of the football games. Think of how many crying towels Eagles fans would have bought between 3 and 4 p.m. or how many big screen TV’s Lions fans would be purchasing. Imagine all the Big Sean albums that could have been old after halftime (at least 10?).

The NFL could even get in on this Cyber Thursday reminding people to go online and take advantage of the winning team’s sales. Buy quick before the other team scores!

Imagine how much thinner the Black Friday crowds would be if Cyber Thursday were held. In fact if your family forgot to include macaroni on the table for Thanksgiving dinner, you could order some online at a huge discount.

Cyber Thursday would be the American way and if any historian or purist has a problem with it, remind them that if she could, Pocahontas would much rather have been at the mall with a gift card than eating corn with the pilgrims.

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