Prisoners on death row are given a last meal of something they crave before they get the needle in the arm…usually a steak or something of that sort.

Well, December 21st is bearing down on us, so with the help of this report, I thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorite foods I’d like to eat before the fateful day.

These are the ones that, for what ever reason, you don’t eat all the time…but have a craving for nonetheless.

So, while I show you mine…below you can list the one’s you’d like to have before the “big bang”…or whatever fate awaits.

1) Pasta – Pretty much any kind. I’d have to subdivide them according to sauce or “gravy” as some of us call it.

For instance, my mom’s “Onion Sauce” rates as my favorite, followed by my grandmother’s cavatelli (if only I could raise her from the dead!)

Haven’t had my Friday favorite in a while – pasta shells with cauliflower…and of course, there’s the Christmas Eve staple, linguine with clam sauce.

One more to round out the pasta soiree…and that would be a dish of ravioli.

2) Meat – Start with a nice juicy veal chop smothered with a roasted pepper on top and covered with mozzarella.

Nothing beats my wife’s roast beef. Don’t ask how she makes it…but whatever she does, it always comes out juicy and rare.

There’s always my wife’s Chicken Francese, coated in a flour and egg batter, and smothered in a lemon sauce.

And let’s not forget her “meat loaf” surprise and stuffed peppers with ground beef.

I salivate just thinking of it all.

3) Pizza – recently we did the “Slice of Jersey” competition …the award going to DelPonte’s of Bradley Beach.

Both DelPonte’s and Esposito’s of Matawan are easily pies you want to savor before the big day…but my personal favorite resides in Hackensack at a little place that used to be an Arby’s back in the day…but has long been known as Brooklyn Pizza on River Road.

4) Heros/Hoagies/Subs – One word says it all – Fiore’s in Hoboken. The homemade mozzarella atop the Italian sub made with prosciutto, peppers, ham and salami will make you meet your maker with a full stomach...assuming you don't belch in his/her face!

5) Dessert – Sfogiatelle. If our friends Victor and Bruno from the Italian Bakery on Hamilton Ave in Trenton were still around, I’d say theirs ranked as the best…even beating out the Cake Boss. These guys were the true “cake bosses” of Jersey.

So now that I'm completely full and have given you the choices of what my last meal before the Apocalypse would be…I implore you to lay it out, and spare no details!