This is a terrific story about some terrific people. Woody’s Ocean Grille in Sea Bright has been greatly impacted with the new mandated closures of dine-in restaurants and can only do take-out. Yet instead of singing the blues, they want to help everyone going through their own hardships due to the coronavirus outbreak as much as they can for as long as they can.

While trying to keep their full menu going with cash take-out for as long as possible, they’ve announced a special “pay what you can” menu too. For example on Wednesday it was mac and cheese and wings. They know a lot of people just lost their jobs and are struggling. You could pay the suggested price of $10 or whatever you could afford, right down to nothing at all.

They did this after Sandy too, and we can all take a lesson from these good folks. Instead of hoarding everything for yourself, yanking toilet paper out of other shoppers’ hands, and going down the rabbit hole of panic, what if we calm down and take care of each other? Bruce Springsteen wrote in "Jack Of All Trades," “we’ll start caring for each other like Jesus said that we might.”

That’s not a line in a song for the folks at Woody’s. They’re living it. Good for them.

Woody’s Oceanside Grille is in Sea Bright at 1 E Church Street.

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