Icy and snowy sidewalks can be more than hazardous in this winter weather. And for homeowners, they can pose a legal liability hazard.

Richard Ellis, Getty Images

That liability may involve a home or property owner's obligation to prevent a slip and fall by keeping any sidewalks, walkways and driveways clear and clean.

Eric Stenson of New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance says this is all part of an overall pattern of caution.

"We want to make sure people aren't going on the roads when it's dangerous, that they're clearing their driveways and walkways, and that they're clearing their cars of ice and snow," Stenson said.

He said in many New Jersey municipalities there are ordinances that specify a set time deadline, after a storm has ended, for property owners to have their walks and driveways cleared.

You can be held liable for injuries from a slip and fall accident. If you are, your homeowners' insurance might have to cover it, depending on the terms of the policy.

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