Another day. Another attempt at amending gun laws. Not that there’s anything that we can really do about it. When children march for any cause, especially the one in the wake of the horrible Stoneman Douglas massacre in Florida, it’s heartbreaking. it would seem pretty cold for any lawmaker to simply ignore it. But unfortunately, someone is going to have to tell these kids and their parents the grim reality of life: that no amount of legislation will stop bad people from doing whatever they want to do.

There are other weapons than guns and unfortunately bad evil people can be extremely creative. Even if you took away guns, there are plenty of ways to kill people. I don’t want to give any ideas to anyone but incendiary, devices, knives, vehicles packed with explosives... all of those can do the job quite nicely. In the words of a very wise man “dead kids make bad laws”.

And it’s not even that I am against looking into what we can possibly do to make sure that lunatics don’t get guns, it’s just that I don’t think it will do anything. As I’ve often said on the air… we can investigate what we can do about tightening gun laws. We can wring our hands about it. But the second amendment debate will rage on forever and in the meantime instead of wasting our time teaching our kids to protest, we may be better off teaching them that bad stuff happens and sometimes there is just no way to avoid it.

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