Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino rose to fame on MTV’s “Jersey Shore” back in the day. Apparently the drama has never stopped. He of course infamously spent 8 months in prison for a tax evasion conviction. Now he’s making news for calling the police on his own brother Maximo Sorrentino.

Mike lives in Holmdel in a seven-bedroom, four-story home. The other day Maximo swung by unannounced to drop off some gifts for Mike and his son. Matching tracksuits. Of course. How…gtl.

So Maximo is ringing the bell several times and walking around to various entrances ringing at each one and when no one is coming to the door he’s not leaving. The story has it that he’s trying to peer inside the home through various windows.

As all this is going on it turns out Mike is inside watching him the whole time. He ends up calling the police on his own brother but, according to a story on nj.com, falsely claims he had a restraining order out against Maximo.

The police show up and question the brother. Maximo says he would later find out his brother Mike was put off by the fact he showed up without calling first.

Now, I hate the ‘pop-in.’ But would I call the police on someone over it? That’s a little crazy. And it turns out it’s not the first drama between the brothers. They once owned a business together in Middletown where Maximo got into a fight with his younger brother. Customers who witnessed the ugliness called 911 and police showed up.

The type of business where it happened? A tanning joint, called Boca Tannng Salon, of course.

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