The New Jersey FOP endorsed Phil Murphy in the last election. Should they do it again in the next election?

If they do, it's clear they're not interested in keeping the public safe, but interested only in keeping their pensions safe. By going for Murphy, an unknown, untested Democrat, they figured they'd have a better chance and gaining back some of the ground they may have lost under former Gov. Chris Christie.

But now law enforcement is under siege from this administration as it seeks to pander to special interests rather than help keep our communities safe. The latest proof is the Attorney General ordering two more counties to end their agreements with ICE.

The next gubernatorial election is two years away, but in the first two years of Murphy's administration, he's proved that he's more interested in identity politics than public safety. The police work hard every day to keep our cities and towns safe, often putting themselves in great danger in doing so.

To have an administration that won't cooperate with federal authorities to remove dangerous criminals permanently from out streets, tends to nullify the hard work of police departments all over our state. Stay tuned to see if the NJFOP decides to stand of the side of pubic safety or on the safety and security of their pensions. Maybe I’m too much of an idealist or optimist but I have faith the fraternal order of police will endorse anybody but Murphy next time around.

As Murphy likes to say, “it’s the right thing to do.“

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