You may have been one of the 17 million people around the world that saw a group of doctors give a press conference in front of Capitol Hill this week.

If you didn't see it, you won't easily find it on the internet today. It's been taken down, scrubbed, banned. The video was removed from most all major social media platforms. It was the top-performing Facebook post in the world Monday afternoon, until then. It featured a group called Front Line Doctors and was originally streamed live by Breitbart News. Their stated goal was to stop the "widespread misinformation" surrounding the coronavirus.

The part that got the most interest was a passionate speech by Dr. Stella Immanuel, who said she'd treated over 350 patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and z-pack. It's something President Trump said showed promise early on. DImmanuel said all of her patients have recovered fully.

If I were to come down with the novel coronavirus, I would want to be treated with this combination of drugs under my doctor's supervision. Studies are mixed, but I've seen enough of them and heard from enough DOCTORS to believe in the treatment — Not because Trump touted it, but because many doctors believe in it.

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Bill Gates, a software developer, can comment on COVID-19. He's a billionaire. He has tons of power. People like him and believe in him. But DOCTORS are slandered by media outlets for their opinion on treatment of the virus.

There have been a lot of criticisms of these particular doctors in the media, and of some of the more outlandish things they've said before. A lot of people say they shouldn't be taken seriously. But, fine — even if you think they're out there, they're far from the only ones suggesting hydroxychloroquine could help coronavirus patients.

The media is hell bent on dismissing any doctors who dare to suggest hydroxychloroquine helps. If this drug combination does do the job that some doctors and researchers say, then the fear subsides and the chances of getting rid of Donald Trump subside with it.

The American public is scared, and when people are scared they look to the people in charge. To many people. that is the president. So if we get another president, maybe things will get better. The Democratic Party, the media, big tech, academia, Hollywood and the arts are all for getting rid of Donald Trump. So if they rally their forces together, their chances of getting their wish increase exponentially.

The doctors in the controversial video also said that kids should go back to school. Many teachers unions (including New Jersey's) are against this. Do you know any public teachers unions that support Trump? Of course not. Immediately, several media outlets did their best to discredit Immanuel citing that she went to medial school in her native Nigeria, questioning her experience and some of her earlier published writings.

If parents can't send their kids back to school, if no solid treatment is currently available to heal COVID-19 patients, if none of the major news outlets or social media platforms will share any positive information related to the pandemic, people will demand change at the top. That's what they're pushing for and it's a pretty formidable force that will be hard to stop in November. As repulsive as many people may think Trump is, and many think is the devil incarnate, he may be the only one standing between you as an individual and some very powerful forces that have great control over our lives.

So many are so convinced of his evil or stupidity that any information to the contrary is heresy. So changing their minds is pointless, but for the rest, isn't it worth divorcing yourself from emotional reactions and taking in as much information as possible? I think so.

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