Christopher Eisgruber, President of Princeton University, claims that if you're in an overwhelming amount of debt due to student loans, it's your own fault


Flickr User Rennett Stowe

Having a college degree is expensive, but many people feel that it's necessary to have one in today's job market. College graduates learning that the opposite is true - their degree is not helping them find a job, and are struggling to get themselves out of a ridiculous amount of debt. Many resort to taking a job outside of their field of study, just to pay off the money that they owe.

Options for financial aid are available to college applicants, but many times it's not enough to even make a dent in the tuition bill. Parents are encouraged to start college funds for their children, but some families do not have the means to do so.

When the day finally comes to pay off student loans, who exactly is to blame for the grand total? Is it the fault of the institutions for overcharging for education? Is the government at fault for not opting to forgive student loans? Or are parents to blame, because of poor financial planning?