Who are these Borgata Babes everyone's talking about?

They're the professionally thin — as per company policy and an appeals court's ruling – and scantily clad cocktail waitresses the Atlantic City casino says are integral to its brand. They're also the subject of a yearly calendar Borgata produces and sells.

Last year, the a court said the casino wasn't discriminating illegally by imposing a weight requirement on the servers.

The 22 servers who had taken Borgata to court were still being allowed to move ahead with a lawsuit claiming they were subjected to a hostile work environment regarding how casino managers enforced those standards. UPDATE: On Jan. 25, 2016, the state Supreme Court said it wouldn't review the "babes" case, letting stand an appeals court ruling that the Borgata casino’s personal appearance standards are lawful.

The company sent NJ 101.5 this statement last year, about the earlier ruling:

This is a significant victory for Borgata. We have long held that Borgata’s personal appearance policy is fair and reasonable. We are pleased that the three appellate court judges agreed with prior rulings that our policy is lawful and non-discriminatory to women. As the court noted in its ruling, Borgata’s policy was fully and openly disclosed to all costumed beverage servers, male and female, and all of the litigants voluntarily accepted this policy before they began working for us.

We went scouring the 'net for pictures of the "Babes" — for wholly professional purposes, of course. It turns out a number of them are selfie fans. These aren't necessarily the people in the suit —just self-identified (or photographer-identified) Borgata Babes who've made their way Instagram over the last few years: