Cinco De Mayo is not just about the celebration and eating an endless number of tacos. What about the margaritas?

It’s one of the most popular cocktails out there. The iced cold tequila drink pairs perfectly with your favorite kind of Mexican food or even just a nice bowl of chips and guac.

Kobby Mendez via Unsplash
Kobby Mendez via Unsplash

Now, on the rocks or frozen is a different topic for a different post, but with Cinco De Mayo coming up, you want to drink the best our great state offers.

I’m sure there will be plenty of lists for you to see where to get the best tacos for the day, but I say go where the margaritas take you.

Here’s where to find the best margaritas in New Jersey to enjoy on Cinco De Mayo or any other summer day because margaritas just hit the spot on a warm, sunny day.

Orale Mexican Kitchen - Jersey City, Hoboken, and Morristown

“Eat This, Not That” claims this is THE best margarita in New Jersey. What do you think?

Alto Rooftop – Montclair

Add some sophistication with a view to your Cinco De Mayo.

Taco Caballito Tequileria – Cape May

This place offers up a different kind of view; the ocean!

Escondido Mexican Cuisine & Tequila Bar – Freehold

There’s plenty going on during Cinco De Mayo, but if you find yourself venturing on another night, Monday is your half-price Margs night!

Bitol – Clifton

Not only are the margaritas top-notch, but if you like a little bit of entertainment, you need to order a specialty cocktail!

Johnny Tequlia’s Bar + Cocina – Roselle

If you like their margaritas THAT much, you can take their mix home with you.

Viva Margarita – Hackensack, Cliffside Park, Edgewater, and Wallington

$6 Margarita Mondays, please!

If you're not into margaritas, beer is a great choice too and here's what New Jersey is drinking:

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