We all know people that have drastically changed their behavior in the past year. From not visiting close relatives to avoiding the outside world as much as possible, some people have become gripped by fear and panic during the past year over COVID-19. It's a serious virus that has taken many lives, although perhaps not as many as the official numbers may indicate.

Many deaths have been reported as COVID when the person died with the virus and not of the virus. Numbers do serve a purpose for big pharma, big government and a mainstream media addicted to the panic machine that drives clicks and ratings. First, we were told we need to flatten the curve, then to wait for a vaccine. Well, the vaccine(s) are here and there is still talk of social distancing and double masks. So, where does this all lead to and when will it end?

Many people have tried in vain to sign up for the vaccine here in New Jersey, but supply is limited. There may be a shortage of vaccine, but plenty of finger pointing and blame going around. The safe way to go in the blame game is Trump. "He didn't take it seriously and he didn't organize the vaccine effort well enough". That's the easiest and most popular route to take right now, especially in a blue state like ours. Here is the latest on how and when you might be able to get yours.

How long does it last and will there be a booster required every year, are some of the most common questions asked to the governor and his task force. Should we expect a "normal" summer of vacations and open businesses? Or will we be stuck in the panic spreading, mask shaming, economy crushing, government overreaching, vaccine grabbing nightmare we are in for a longer time than anyone expected. What do you think?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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