Bill's last show with me was on Friday January 20th. If you've been out of the country or in a cave and hadn't heard, he had to have surgery on Jan. 23 and has been out recovering ever since. He received many hundreds of well wishes from you through our station's Facebook and we thank you all for that.

It hasn't been an easy time for Bill but I'm happy to report some good news. He will be returning to the Deminski & Doyle Show this Monday February 27th! Joe Votruba has been filling in for him and doing a great job, and Jeff & Joe continues for the rest of this week. Then please stay tuned this Monday the 27th from 2 to 7pm for Bill's return! Has the surgery made Bill lose his passion for Jennifer Connelly, circus peanuts, obscure 80's songs, and three towns all with the same temperature? Tune in Monday and find out!

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