On June 9, Gov. Phil Murphy lifted the stay-at-home executive order that had been in effect since March 21. But many businesses and activities remain off-limits, such as indoor dining and gyms.

Th Murphy administration has maintained that throughout all stages of reopening, anyone who can continue to work from home should continue to do so. Clinically high-risk individuals who can stay at home also should continue to do so.

All residents and businesses also have been asked to continue following state and federal safeguarding guidelines, which include frequent hand washing, wearing masks in public, respecting social distancing of 6 feet or more, disinfecting workplace and businesses and no mass gatherings.

Indoor gathering limit

As of June 9, the indoor gatherings limit increased from 10 people to 25% of a building's capacity or 50 people, whichever is less. “All attendees must wear face coverings, unless for a medical reason or if younger than 2. Individuals must remain six feet apart at all times. Physical items may not be shared by multiple attendees of the same gathering unless sanitized before and after uses.”

Outdoor gathering limit

Outdoor gatherings had been increased May 22 from 10 (set in mid-March) to 25 people.

As of June 9, the limit on outdoor gatherings increased from 25 to 100 people.

By June 22, the anticipated limit on outdoor gatherings increases from 100 to 250 people.

Starting July 3, the anticipated limit on outdoor gatherings increases to 500 people.

Religious or political gathering limits

As of June 9, Houses of worship must comply with the limit on indoor gatherings for services, 50 people or 25% of a building's capacity, whichever number is lower. All attendees at indoor gatherings must wear face coverings and stay 6 feet apart.

Outdoor religious services or political gatherings are exempt from the limit on outdoor gatherings and can exceed the normal capacity of 100 people, as laid out in Executive Order No. 152.

Stage 1 re-openings with social distancing

  • May 2 - State Parks and Forests reopened for passive recreation
  • May 2 - Golf courses reopened
  • May 17 - Charter fishing and watercraft rental businesses reopened
  • May 18 - Non-essential construction resumed
  • May 18 - Non-essential retail for curbside pickup reopened
  • May 20 - In-person sales resumed at car and motorcycle dealerships and at bicycle shops
  • May 22 - Public and private beaches, boardwalks, lakes, and lakeshores reopened
  • May 22 - Campgrounds reopened
  • May 22 - Some outdoor recreational businesses — batting cages, golf ranges, shooting and archery ranges, horseback riding, private tennis clubs, community gardens, restart operations
  • May 22 - Professional sports teams practice and engage in games or matches, if their leagues resume competition.
  • May 26 - Elective surgeries and invasive procedures, both medical and dental, resume.
  • June 1 - Horse racetracks reopen, with no spectators allowed.
  • June 9 - Outdoor recreational and entertainment businesses reopen - amusement parks, water parks, and arcades remain closed. Any type of event at an outdoor recreational or entertainment business that involves a specific time for a common reason, such as a movie or concert, are subject to restrictions on outdoor gatherings.
  • June 9 - Parking at State Parks and Forests, county and municipal parks, reopened to full maximum capacity
  • June 9 - Pool facilities allowed to open for lifeguard training and lifeguard swimming lessons
  • June 9 - Public and private social clubs are allowed to re-open their outdoor areas only.

Stage 2 re-openings (moderate-risk activities) starting Monday, June 15

  • June 15 - Child care centers reopen their doors to all clients.
  • June 15 - Outdoor dining reopens.
  • June 15 - Outdoor, limited service at properly permitted wineries, breweries, distilleries. A new, $75 permit is available, applied for online, to expand operation to nearby property to accommodate social distancing.
  • June 15 - Non-essential retail stores reopen for indoor shopping.
  • June 15 - Motor Vehicle Commission agencies reopen for pick-up and drop-off services.
  • June 22 - Organized sports activities resume.
  • June 22 - Hair salons, barbershops, nail salons and tattoo parlors reopen.
  • June 22 - Outdoor municipal and community swimming pools have clearance to reopen.
  • June 29 - Motor Vehicle Commission agencies begin to offer behind-the-wheel road tests and resume issuing new licenses and permits
  • July 6 - Youth day camps and summer programs can operate
  • July 6 - Modified outdoor graduation ceremonies begin

Stage 2 additional phased-in businesses and activities with modification guidelines

  • In-person clinical research/labs
  • Limited fitness centers, gyms
  • Limited in-person government services
  • Museums
  • Libraries

Stage 3, higher-contact activities restart at an undetermined date

  • Expanded dining
  • Critical in-office work
  • Limited entertainment
  • Expanded personal care
  • Bars with limited capacity

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