The same indomitable spirit of New Jerseyans that causes them to stand up in protest when things are not the way they should be is on display when you take away their beautiful Shoreline. Here in Long Branch’s Pier Village, the cordoned off boardwalk wasn’t going to stop people from going out to enjoy a beautiful day a couple weeks ago. The irony is, the beach in Long Branch is open but the boardwalk is not.

I guess that means if you can figure out a way to get by the police tape you can enjoy the beautiful Long Branch beach. And people do. This is why the coronavirus closure rules are so arbitrary and senseless. First of all, because people are going to do what they wanna do. And secondarily, as has been mentioned many times before, people need fresh air and will just be forced into closer spaces to get it. Here are some shots from my recent visit to the boardwalk and the beach.

What the Jersey shore looks like with closed boardwalks

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