When I woke up last Tuesday expecting the same storm that all of New Jersey did, I had power in my house. It only lasted for about an hour, then it was gone. By Saturday, I was so delirious sitting in the dark in a house that totally relies on electricity I tweeted my regret that I didn't cherish it more.

The power finally came back Saturday night after 4 days which saw us having to throw away hundreds of dollars in groceries. I spent the week talking to people with the same problem who also had to throw away food as well as medicine. There ought to be a law that would make the power companies financially responsible for this.

Ocean County officials are trying to make that happen by asking Gov. Murphy to request the power companies reimburse citizens for the cost of food spoiled as a result of lengthy power outages. It is being done, as Con Edison's Orange and Rockland said it would reimburse up to $540 with an itemized list and proof of loss.

According to the release, O&R Vice President - Customer Service Christina Ho said,

"If you lost power for more than 48 consecutive hours as a result of the storm, please fill out a claims form at: https://www.oru.com/en/services-and-outages/claim-form to cover your costs for spoiled food, medication or perishable commercial merchandise.

Residential customers may receive reimbursements for up to $235 with an itemized list, or up to $540 with an itemized list and proof of loss (with receipts, photos etc.)."

If O&R can do it, why can't Jersey Central Power and Light? This shouldn't be a request, this should be law. As comforting as it was to know as my family and I sat without power for 3 days while Governor Murphy tweeted out:

It would have been more comforting knowing that I was going to be reimbursed for all the food I was throwing away. Of course, this storm would hit after I stocked up on food the previous weekend in case the storm hit. This is where my lucky star dangles in the sky.

When a power outage hits, for whatever reason, we're at the mercy of the power companies. Those same companies should have a responsibility to get it back to us within 48 hours or be forced to reimburse us at least for the lost food. Maybe that can get the trucks from Ohio here faster.

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