A father who claims JUUL misled him is behind a class action lawsuit against the vape company. According to a report from NJ.com, he started purchasing them for his then-14-year-old son, leading to a huge addiction. The lawsuit claims the boy vaped to excess and it resulted in daily coughing and vomiting. The father and son from Voorhees say they didn’t know the product contained nicotine.

Yes vapes have been in the news lately with mystery lung ailments and talk of bans, yes there may well be something to all these warnings, but am I the only one who smells a rat here? This lawsuit claims the father didn’t know there was nicotine in the product. Wouldn’t you need to be living under a rock not to know this two years ago? Articles and talk about vapes were everywhere.

Did it not occur to the father to better research a product that is illegal to sell to anyone under 18? Common sense tells one that ingesting anything other than oxygen into your lungs is potentially harmful. This is the new normal? A total abdication of parental responsibility and common sense?

I’ve seen this type of parent. Wants to be the cool dad, doesn’t teach the kid anything. What a horrible thing it would be to have a jury award the man with a fat check. I’m sorry but this father had to at least know this product couldn’t legally be purchased by his 14 year old son; that’s why he was buying them for him. That alone should be reason enough to throw this lawsuit out.

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