Aloha!  I just got back from Kauai and OMG, what an amazing island...I think one of the, if not the, most romantic place I've ever been!  Tonight on "After Hours," we are going to talk about romantic honeymoon spots.   I have some friends trying to decide where to go on their honeymoon, and I have already said this island is a must in Hawaii!  We'll talk all about it and where you spent your most romantic vacation.  I took the picture on the right during a helicopter landing at the falls that were used in the movie, "Jurassic Park."  They were spectacular and that rainbow couldn't have made it more magical!

Also, as if we are surprised, Kim K is splitting from her husband of 72 days, saying they could not agree on where to live.  Isn't this something that needs to be discussed prior to walking down the isle? Are there things you discovered about your partner shortly after getting married? Did you try and get the marriage annulled?

And of course, it's Halloween...what are some sexy and funny costumes you've seen out tonight?  And look, I know the guys love it, but why do women use Halloween as an excuse to dress a little, shall we say, slutty?  Looking forward to chatting with you tonight from 7-11pm!!!


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