Well, maybe for a brief moment you might say that politics in New Jersey has taken a break from the craziness and cooler heads and common sense has prevailed. But only a brief moment.

You've heard about the controversy surrounding the placement of a billboard in Union Township advertising a movie production about President Trump being an idiot. You also heard in the news Thursday morning that the sign company has removed the advertisement and will be refunding part of the money collected.

On one hand, I was happy to see that even though the area leans Democrat, enough people raised a complaint about the relentless attacks on President Trump that they wanted the sign down. On the other hand, are we that sensitive? If you're a Trump hater then you most likely agree with the statement that he's an idiot. If you are a supporter of the 45th President like me, (for any number of reasons...booming economy, stock market records, decimation of ISIS, middle class tax relief, manufacturing job creation, historically low for unemployment among people of color...to name a few) then you probably either don't care about the hate...or if you're like me, want to see more of it!

I'd like to see a billboard in every town across New Jersey! Here's why - every time the detractors of President Trump speak, post or advertise, the President's position gets stronger. Think about it, the hate and vitriol on the #NeverTrump side is usually devoid of any actual issue or policy disagreement. Just vicious hatred for a man who before running for President, was the successful entrepreneur and host of the huge hit reality show, the Apprentice.

It's hypocritical, bitter and exposed the irrational position of his opposition. Most people are getting tired of it. In 2020, there will be only one question. "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"

I spoke to Neil Harrison, the guy behind the billboard on Chasing News Wednesday night and again Thursday on the morning show. I also checked in with the Union Township spokeswoman, Natalie Pineiro, on both shows who discusses the overwhelming responses the town government has received.

The ad company decided to take the ad down on Wednesday night, but should they have? Why can't you put up and angry ad about a sitting President? Are we devolving into a society where you can't express an opinion for fear of offending someone? The good news from my perspective is the hate won't stop. It'll increase and become even more negative, nasty and irrational. Looking forward to it.

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