Many people wish to lose weight and become more active with the start of the New Year. 

LaKeisha Shurn was unhappy with her lifestyle, and was inspired to change her eating and exercising habits. For 100 days, Shurn brought her camera to the gym and filmed her workouts. She then combined parts of each workout together in one video, and posted that to YouTube. Her incredible transformation is going viral.

Since making the video, LaKeisha Shurn has gone from a size 26 to a size 22. Shurn was able to lose 18 pounds in the 100 days that the video was filmed, and has continued her journey to lose 50 pounds in total. She also feels better about herself, and has a new love for life.

LaKeisha Shurn isn't the only one to post her amazing transformation online. Many others are looking to social media platforms to document their weight loss journeys, with the hopes of inspiring others, and finding support from people like them.

Watch Shurn's video above to see her life changing 100 day transformation happen in less than 3 minutes.

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