One of our listeners wrote in and said that she needs to lose weight quickly for an upcoming event. Dennis and Judi to the rescue!! We put out a call to our audience to come up with their quick weight loss secrets. Now, mind you, we didn’t ask for a SAFE ways to lose weight or ways to keep weight off PERMANENTLY, we just asked for the kind of weight loss plan that can get you in shape quickly for an event. You know, the “emergency diet.” (Yes we KNOW this isn’t a great idea, but we are human beings and sometimes we all gotta do what we gotta do!) Here are the plans New Jersey thinks are the best for a quick weight loss.

The max challenge

The max challenge always makes it to any list of quick and easy ways to lose weight because the challenge goes on for 10 weeks. It’s a combination of exercise and nutrition and they have locations all over. Google it for more info.

The wedding gown diet

The wedding gown diet works quickly and with great results. It basically amounts to three hours of dieting and four hours of eating whatever you want. I’m not really sure of the biological mechanism behind this, but our listener lost 35 pounds doing it and restarts it any time the weight creeps up and she needs to look her best for an upcoming event. If you’re interested and want to do the research, it’s also called the military diet.

The ketogenic diet

If you’ve heard people talk about being on “keto” this is what they’re referring to. The ubiquitous keto diet really does work because it puts your body into ketosis which burns fat really, really fast. You’re gonna have to give up carbs which is going to make you feel pretty lousy for a few days but power through it!! After that, you get a burst of energy and the weight will start melting off.

Intermittent fasting

The idea behind this is that you can eat anything you want for eight hours a day but then need to fast the other 16. You can set your start time for whenever you want, then outside of those eight hours don’t eat anything. For instance, if you’re a breakfast fanatic, basically you’ll eat nothing at night. But if you’re one of those people who can skip breakfast, you can start eating at, say, 12 noon, or even 2 o’clock in the afternoon and have a blast until 10 PM. People swear by it.

Skinny up

These are weight-loss drops filled with all kinds of goodies that are supposed to make you feel full and satisfied when you’re not actually eating. Along with intermittent fasting, this can be a winning combination.


A revamped version of what used to be called Medifast, these protein bars, shakes and meals are part of a multi level marketing or direct sales company but people are losing a lot of weight on them quickly. This really isn’t magic, because Your total calorie intake is very low, but people claim to feel very satisfied and really like the taste of these meal supplements.

Lose it

It’s not a diet per se, but lose it is basically a calorie counting app. The reason it works is that it makes it very easy to keep track of everything you’re eating and let’s face it, because weight loss is simply a matter of calories in/calories out, if you set your calorie limit low enough, you’re going to lose weight. It’s a tried-and-true method but with a modern twist.

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